League of Legends has become one of the world’s most popular games. With this, a new age of e-sports has been developing and a new set of problems now face the developer of League of Legends. Since the competitiveness of ranked play has been exponentially increasing, with of 5 million active ranked players each month, many people feel like they are stuck at a rating that they do not belong in. People in the lower tiers – bronze, silver, gold always seem to feel like their team is holding them back and if they are given a little boost, they can escape the elo that they are in. Because of this phenomena, a new type of service has been created. Elo boosting, when a highly rated player logs onto a lower rated players account and grinds ranked games in order for them to rank higher.  Elo boosting is against Riot Game’s TOS and is punishable through the removal of ranked rewards and a two week game account suspension. Even with such harsh punishments in place, many players that are frustrated with the rating they are at hire these websites to play games for them so they can prove to themselves that they truly belong at a higher rating. These websites were first created by highly rated players that wanted to create a sense of security for their clients. As the game grew, these websites became more and more popular, with some of the leading websites like: www.eloboosting.net, lolboost.net, and lol-eloboosting grossing hundreds of thousands of dollars. These websites offer league of legends placement games, coaching services, duo queue boosts, and even guides! The problem has become so rampant that Riot Games has taken official stances towards the players that partake in this type of activity, even calling them out on the official forums! Many of the pro players that currently dominate the LCS have been revealed to have once elo boosted. Even if Riot were to suddenly be able to detect any type of elo boosting, many of these sites would still be able to function from coaching, guide, and duo queue revenue as they are all allowed by riot.